Older lady with hair loss wearing a grey wig created by jon Renau South Africa
Jazz Grey Wig (Lightweight - Osolite Open Cap)
Fingerstyle your way to fun in this short, playful shag! You'll dance to your own beat with flipped out layers and fuss-free O'solite construction. Jazz Grey Wig in Peppercorn For Women with Hair Loss This striking shade captures the natural...
from R 2,588.00
Kristen Grey Bob Wig (Lace Front - Open Cap)
Combining the cooling ventilation benefit of an open cap and the natural hair growth look of a lace front. The Kristen wig by Jon Renau scores high in comfort and style. The face-framing bob has never looked this chic!  ...
from R 3,726.00
Hillary Grey Wig By Jon Renau (Lace Front / Open Cap)
Hillary's lace front is made with our exclusive SmartLace™ technology for the most natural hairline. With long delicate layers on top and sides, this classic short style will empower any woman.   PEPPERCORN This striking shade captures the natural arrival...
R 3,910.00
Evan Grey Pixie Wig (Lace Front - Open Cap)
This chic and sassy lace front wig features an open cap design to provide instant volume for quick, cool wearability. This updated pixie cuts a sleek silhouette.   Evan Grey Pixie Wig in Peppercorn for Older Women This striking shade...
R 4,140.00
January Grey Wig by Jon Renau (Lace Front / Single Monofilament)
Carefree wavy layers lend a spritely air to this stunning short style. The January wig by Jon Renau has a Smartlace front that creates the illusion of a natural hairline.   January Grey Wig by Jon Renau in Peppercorn This...
R 8,170.00
Julianne Grey Wig (Lace Front / Single Monofilament / Hand Tied)
Julianne is one of our most celebrated lace front wigs for her effortless beach waves and asymmetrical style. Her nearly invisible lace front and hand-tied mono top allow for ultra-natural multi-directional styling.   Julianne Grey Wig in Peppercorn For Older...
R 10,120.00
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