Stay Put Wig Grip (Non Slip Headband)
Stay Put wig grip band used to secure your wigs and headwear and prevent them from slipping or shifting around on your head. The elastic velvet fabric and thin backing provide comfort to the wearer. This non-slip wig grip also...
R 156.00
Synthetic Wig Shampoo (Fibre Love by Jon Renau - 250 ml)
Regular cleansing with our synthetic wig shampoo restores the salon body and extends the life of synthetic wigs and hair extensions. Just like natural hair, synthetic hair requires special care to look its best. This exclusive Jon Renau formula is...
R 301.00
Wide Tooth Wig Comb (Jon Renau)
Jon Renau's Wide Tooth Wig Comb is specifically designed to detangle and smooth synthetic and heat defiant synthetic fibres, prolong their lives and hold their styles. A must-have for daily care. Specifications Item Number:WC-WT Color:No Weight:0.8 oz
R 41.00
Synthetic Wig Conditioning Spray (Fibre Love by Jon Renau - 250ml)
This leave-in conditioner protects the beauty and prolongs the life of synthetic wigs, toppers and hair extensions. Fibre Love Conditioning Spray is exclusively formulated to detangle and restore the healthy shine of synthetic fibre. Made with paraben and sulfate-free ingredients....
R 290.00
HD Smooth Hair Detangler 250ml
A must-have for all heat resistant and traditional synthetic wigs, toppers and hairpieces. HD Smooth Detangler, our conditioning wig detangler, enhances and prolongs the beauty of synthetic wigs and hairpieces. Spray it on and comb through to eliminate tangles and...
R 269.00
Nylon Wig Caps (By Jon Renau)
Perfect for complete hair loss or for those with very short hair, our nylon wig cap is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. Also available in a box of 12 caps.  
R 25.00
Paddle Wig Brush (For Synthetic and Human Hair)
Designed for use on both human hair and synthetic wigs. This Paddle Wig Brush features thin, strong but flexible bristles that glide through the hair effortlessly to remove any tangles. Perfect for use on wet hair or synthetic fibres. Gentle...
R 228.00
Jon Renau Synthetic Hair Holding Spray 250ml
Synthetic wig hairspray designed exclusively for use with synthetic fibre wigs, hairpieces, and extensions. This paraben and sulfate-free formula provide long-lasting hold while brushing out easily, leaving no residue or build-up behind.
R 383.00
Plastic Wig Stand (For Storing and Styling Alternative Hair)
This plastic wig stand is perfect for storing your wigs between wears and for drying them after wash. Easy to fold and assemble.  
R 129.00
Synthetic and Human Hair Wig Styling Creme (Piece Out by Jon Renau South Africa)
Wig styling paste that adds texture, volume, and sculpting without weighing hair down. Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème can be used on both synthetic and human hair wigs, toppers, and hair pieces.  
R 414.00
Fibre Love Wig Lustre Spray (60ml by Jon Renau)
Jon Renau's Fibre, Love Wig Lustre adds a healthy shine to synthetic wigs, toppers, and hair extensions. Sulfate, paraben, and sodium chloride free, this protective spray maintains the healthy, luminous shine of synthetic fibre.
R 248.00
HD Smooth Hair Detangler 60ml
Travel Size. Conditioning wig detangler that enhances and prolongs the beauty of synthetic wigs and hairpieces. Spray it on and comb through to eliminate tangles and frizz while restoring healthy lustre. Daily use recommended. A MUST-HAVE for all heat resistant...
R 191.00
Wire Wig Stand (Storing and Cleaning Alternative Hair)
This sturdy metal wire stand is perfect for storing your wigs between wears and for drying them after wash. It folds and assembles easily.
R 129.00
Easihair Pro Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml
Keeping Your Hair and Extensions Clean - Created with all hair types in mind, our lightweight formulation will protect every easiLengths application, while prolonging elasticity and vibrancy of hair. Cleanse your hair and remove product buildup, while restoring natural shine,...
R 310.00
Easihair Pro Leave in Conditioner (For Hair Extensions)
Nourishment for Our Hair Extensions - Easihair Pro’s leave-in conditioner is a lightweight hair repair solution that will leave your hair feeling soft, silky, and smooth. This unique formulation was designed to actually treat damaged hair as opposed to just...
R 290.00
Easihair Pro Heat Treat and Shine (For Tape in Hair Extensions)
Heat Protectant - Heat Treat + Shine adds incredible shine while protecting your hair from thermal damage caused by blow dryers and hot tools. Also, strengthens and thickens your hair while taming unwanted flyaways.
R 310.00
Human Hair Care System - 5 PC Kit
All the human hair wig care products we recommend in one care kit. Includes 8.5 oz Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo, 8.5 oz Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner, 4 oz Blown Away Blow Dry Balm, 2 oz Argan Smooth Treatment Mist, and...
R 932.00
TAPE 1/2" X 3"
Secure your wig or topper with a double sided tape. This tape is perfect for everyday alternative hair wear. It adheres to the polyurethane material inside wig's cap and secures it on your head for a prolonged period of time....
R 120.00
Plastic Wig Clamp (To Style and Care Alternative Hair)
Jon Renau's plastic wig clamp locks down onto a table or counter for easy hair styling. It is perfect to keep your canvas blockhead in place while styling your wig or hairpiece.   Specifications Item Number:WCP Color:No Weight:12.1 oz
R 259.00
Teasing Brush for Wigs by Jon Renau South Africa
Teasing Brush for wigs by Jon Renau. Designed to add volume and texture to your alternative hairpiece. 24 brushes per box. Specifications Item Number:WB-TB1 Color:No Weight:0.9 oz
R 75.00
Round Boar Bristle Brush for Human Hair Wigs
Specifically designed for human hair wigs and hairpieces, Jon Renau's Round Boar Bristle Brush is perfect for creating beautiful voluminous blowouts. Use it on wet hair to create great volume with a little bit of a curl to it. Specifications...
R 393.00
Just like natural hair, synthetic fiber requires special care to look its best. Washing your wig regularly with our Fiber Love synthetic shampoo restores its salon body and extends its life. This exclusive Jon Renau formula is sulfate, paraben, and...
R 239.00
Violet Shampoo for Blonde Human Hair Wigs (Jon Renau)
Jon Renau's violet wig shampoo controls gold and yellow tones in blonde human hair wigs and toppers. Brings back the vibrant colours to the hair and cancels out any brassiness while keeping the hair radiant and clean. Specifications Item Number:JR-VS...
R 404.00
Canvas Wig Head (22 Inch Head)
Our canvas blockhead is ideal for blow-drying or styling wigs and hair toppers. Sturdy and durable to ensure the wig stays in place while you are styling it. This model is 22'' (12" Diameter, avg. neck) Available in two other...
R 932.00
Easihair Pro Detangling Brush for Wet or Dry Hair (For Tape in Hair Extensions)
Keeping Your Hair Detangled and Soft - Our unique bristles gently detangles the hair without compromising the bonds of the extensions. The Wet/Dry Detangling Brush is suitable for all clients. With this brush, your clients can brush their hair from...
R 270.00
Heat Treat Thermal Wig Spray 250ml
Protect your alternative hair from heat damage. Heat Treat Thermal Spray is heat activated and formulated for use with flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers. This non-sticking thermal protectant and styling spray prevents heat damage by permitting a clean...
R 301.00
Jon Renau Wig Wand (Reduced Shine on Alternative Hair)
Use the Wig Wand to rid unwanted wig shine. The soft and fluffy end of the wand contains powder specifically formulated for wigs that helps to reduce shine and give your wig a more realistic appearance. Simply tap the wand...
R 72.00
White Wig Mannequin (PVC - Storing and Displaying Alternative Hairpieces)
Jon Renau's White PVC mannequin head is perfect for storing or displaying your wigs. Featuring a clean, modern design. This product is 20" tall. Specifications Item Number:MD20-WHI Color:No Weight:41.1 oz
R 932.00
Dry Shampoo For Synthetic Wigs (Pick Me Up By Jon Renau)
This dry shampoo volumizes fine hair by absorbing oils that compress hair at the root and adding micro-texture to each strand, creating lift, and body. It also improves grip for clip-in easiPieces and toppers and tones down the luster of...
R 683.00
Pure Repair Wig Restoring Balm for Human Hair Wigs and Toppers (120ml)
Restoring wig balm designed to bring human hair wigs and toppers back to life. Its exclusive protein blend revitalizes locks and helps maintain a healthy moisture balance to prevent damage. Specifications Item Number:JR-PR Color:No Weight:4 oz
R 228.00

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