Wide Tooth Wig Comb (Jon Renau)
Jon Renau's Wide Tooth Wig Comb is specifically designed to detangle and smooth synthetic and heat defiant synthetic fibres, prolong their lives and hold their styles. A must-have for daily care. Specifications Item Number:WC-WT Color:No Weight:0.8 oz
R 41.00
Paddle Wig Brush (For Synthetic and Human Hair)
Designed for use on both human hair and synthetic wigs. This Paddle Wig Brush features thin, strong but flexible bristles that glide through the hair effortlessly to remove any tangles. Perfect for use on wet hair or synthetic fibres. Gentle...
R 228.00
Teasing Brush for Wigs by Jon Renau South Africa
Teasing Brush for wigs by Jon Renau. Designed to add volume and texture to your alternative hairpiece. 24 brushes per box. Specifications Item Number:WB-TB1 Color:No Weight:0.9 oz
R 75.00
Round Boar Bristle Brush for Human Hair Wigs
Specifically designed for human hair wigs and hairpieces, Jon Renau's Round Boar Bristle Brush is perfect for creating beautiful voluminous blowouts. Use it on wet hair to create great volume with a little bit of a curl to it. Specifications...
R 393.00
Easihair Pro Detangling Brush for Wet or Dry Hair (For Tape in Hair Extensions)
Keeping Your Hair Detangled and Soft - Our unique bristles gently detangles the hair without compromising the bonds of the extensions. The Wet/Dry Detangling Brush is suitable for all clients. With this brush, your clients can brush their hair from...
R 270.00
Purse Wig Brush (No Tips)
The Purse Brush is designed for you to get the very best from your alternative hair. Specifications Item Number:WB-BB Color:No Weight:1.6 oz
R 83.00
Easihair Pro Boar Brush (For Tape in Hair Extensions)
Reduce Frizz and Detangle - Our Easihair Pro Premium Boar Detangling Brush is suitable for all clients and hair types for use on dry hair with or without extensions. The unique nylon + boar bristles gently stimulate the scalp, as...
R 430.00
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