Fish Net Synthetic Wig Liner (Natural Looking and Comfortable)
The fish net wig liner is suitable for anyone with longer existing hair. This wig liner is thin, natural-looking, and comfortable. Fishnet construction provides great breathability   Specifications Item Number:WCL Weight:7.1 oz
R 58.00
Nylon Wig Caps (By Jon Renau)
Perfect for complete hair loss or for those with very short hair, our nylon wig cap is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. Also available in a box of 12 caps.  
R 26.00
Cotton Wig Liner (By Jon Renau)
Cotton Wig Liner is designed for women with hair loss. Specifications Item Number:CWL Collection:Headwear Color Shown:Brown Material:Cotton
R 120.00
Sleep Cap for Women With Hair Loss (Polycotton)
Stretchy and comfortable, this large Sleep Cap provides full head coverage for larger head sizes. This comfortable cap comes in a variety of colors Specifications Item Number:SCL Collection:Headwear Color:Brown Material:Polycotton
R 408.00
Elastic Wig Sleep Cap (Women With Partial or Total Hair Loss)
This Elastic Wig Sleep Cap provides full head coverage for those experiencing partial or total hair loss. It features a feminine lace design. Made from the polycotton fabric, this cap is breathable and tear-resistant Specifications Item Number:PSC Collection:Headwear Color:Lavender Material:Polycotton...
R 414.00
Softie Wig Liner For Women with Hair Loss
Made from our softest Bamboo Viscose fabric, our Softie Wig Liner is perfect for sensitive skin. Designed to wear under a wig for complete hair loss, this wig liner is extremely comfortable. It will keep your head cool in the...
R 156.00
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