Three smiling women wearing various mono top wigs in different styles and colours
Mono Simplicity Wig by Jon Renau (Boy Cut)
From messy boy cut to smooth and elegant, craft your own look with this short pixie wig. Its endless versatility comes from Mono Top construction. Specifications Item Number:5131 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:FS26/31, 24B22 Cap Design:Double Monofilament Cap Size:Average Hair Type:Synthetic...
from R 6,095.00
Amanda Mono Top Wig (Style in Any Direction)
Enjoy the mythic beauty and romance of a long layered style without the commitment! This wig's Mono Top construction gives you unlimited styling options. Specifications Item Number:5410 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:24BRH18 Cap Design:Double Monofilament Cap Size:Average Hair Type:Synthetic Bang:12" Crown:17"...
R 7,270.00
Camilla Cascading Color Long Length Wig (Double Monofilament / Hand-tied)
Elegant side-swept bangs and cascading long layers exude chic allure. The hand-tied mono top allows for versatile styling in any direction — let your imagination reign! MIDNIGHT Dark roots soften seamlessly into sparkling ash blond and mushroom brown tones, ideal...
R 10,760.00
Sandra Shoulder Length Synthetic Wig (Lace Front - Mono Top - Hand Tied)
The beauty of these long, sleek lines and cascading layers looks supremely natural thanks to being 100% hand-tied with a nearly invisible double monofilament cap design. Specifications Item Number:5997 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:12FS8, 6F27 Cap Design:Lace Front / Single Monofilament...
R 9,500.00
Robin Petite Short Style Wig (Mono Top - Double Monofilament)
Designed for easy wearability and comfort. The Robin wig comes in a petite style that exudes the natural body and movement of loose, short layers on a translucent monofilament base. Specifications Item Number:5973 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:12FS8, 4/27/30 Cap Design:Double...
R 6,900.00
Posh Monotop Pixie Wig (Synthetic - Double Monofilament)
This short, sexy bob hugs the jawline and nape for an ultra-sleek look. It's Mono Top construction allows multidirectional styling. Specifications Item Number:5373 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:4/33 Cap Design:Double Monofilament Cap Size:Average Hair Type:Synthetic Bang:7.5" Crown:6.5" Nape:2" Side:4.5"" Weight:2.4 oz...
R 7,730.00
Mono Jazz Wig by Jon Renau (Double Monofilament)
If cute, short and spunky is your style, this is your wig! Its Mono Top construction ensures a totally natural and carefree look. Specifications Item Number:5376 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:2FS8, 6F27 Cap Design:Double Monofilament Cap Size:Average Hair Type:Synthetic Bang:4" Crown:5"...
from R 6,555.00
Mono Allure By Jon Renau (Double Monofilament)
The genteel glow of this refined pixie will be envied by all your friends. The Mono Allure has a Mono Top construction that gives this wig a supremely natural look. Specifications Item Number:5370 Collection:Mono Top Color Shown:6/33 Cap Design:Double Monofilament...
R 6,300.00
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