Cameron Smartlace Lite Wig (Ear to Ear Lace Frontal)
One of Jon Renau's most popular bobs gets an upgrade with the new SmartLace™ Lite cap. With lighter hair density and a unique lace front that extends from ear to ear for the most realistic hairline, Cameron Lite is a...
R 8,280.00
Zara Lite by Jon Renau (Long Length - Ear to Ear Lace Frontal)
Zara Lite is a light hair density wig featuring our exclusive SmartLace™ Lite cap. Zara's long, stylish layers achieve a new level of extravagance with its nearly invisible lace front that extends from ear to ear for added realism. Her...
R 8,694.00
Julianne Lite Wig by Jon Renau (Lace Front - Single Mono - Hand Tied)
Julianne Lite is a new take on our best-selling Julianne wig. With its unique SLL cap that features a seamless ear-to-ear lace front, lighter hair density and hand-tied mono top for added realism, Julianne's effortless waves are elevated to delight...
R 8,384.00
Carrie Lite Wig by Jon Renau (Ear to Ear Lace Front)
A new take on our famous shoulder-length Carrie wig, Carrie Lite is a light hair density wig that features a lace front that extends seamlessly from ear to ear. The SmartLace™ Lite cap provides the most natural-looking front hairline, a...
R 31,765.00
Blake Lite Wig (New Invisible Lace Front)
Blake Lite is the light hair density rendition of our popular Remy human hair wig, Blake. With an exclusive SmartLace™ Lite cap that features an invisible lace front that extends from ear to ear, a 100% hand-tied that mimics hair...
R 55,406.00
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